Video Submission Pre-requisites

Video Submission Pre-requisites Step 1 – Register To submit your video presentation, you need to be registered for the conference. If you have not done so yet, please register now and come back to this page. Register Step 2 – Log in IASC members: click on the Login button below and use your IASC credentials […]

Practical Tips For Video Presentations

Practical Tips for Video Presentations If you plan to make a presentation at this virtual conference, you have to record a video. We are aware that not everyone is familiar with all the opportunities. Some presenters may use advanced technological tools, but we also welcome low-tech submissions. Below we provide practical tips on recording a […]

Call for Abstracts

Call for Abstracts The 2021 IASC Fisheries and Aquaculture Virtual Conference will be an immersive intense experience using various new technologies to provide an inclusive, low-cost, and low environmental impact event. Instead of traveling to the conference to attend panels and deliver a talk, as speakers, you will do the following: 1Create and submit a […]


2021 IASC FISHERIES AND AQUACULTURE COMMONS VIRTUAL CONFERENCEHow can fisheries governance respond to climate change, market pressures, and human rights challenges?What does a sustainable future look like for fisheries and aquaculture?Is aquaculture the future of seafood?What are the impacts of COVID-19 on seafood production systems?Producing seafood for whom and why? Previous Next WHEN March 9 […]